Introducing the Arabian Collection.

"Lovely customers and Wellness Warriors! We're taking creative break to re-charge our batteries and surprise you with new products and exciting brand developments post summer! We cannot THANK YOU enough for your trust in our young brand and products. Our 9-ton hydraulic press will be back in action starting August 30th but meantime stay tuned for some early bird specials that will be coming your way very soon! With gratitude and sunny high-fives, from our family to your families."

Let your body smile again

Intro-juicing Essentially, the UAE's first line of nourishing juice cleanses and supplements offering different levels of intensity.

100% raw, organic, delightful and energizing. Pressed daily from the finest vegetables and fruits and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Cleanse programs for several days, occasionally single health days or as a continuous supplement program along the individual diet.


Pressed to perfection

All Essentially juices are produced with a special hydraulic press, hand manufactured in the US.

Nine tons of pressure carefully extracts every drop of goodness from the fruits and vegetables - releasing vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Our juices contain 3-5 times the vitamin and mineral content of those produced by a standard juicer.