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Juice Benefits For Children Encouraging kids to get in their five a day can be tricky ...

Juice Benefits For Children

Encouraging kids to get in their five a day can be tricky. We understand finding something healthy and tasty is hard to come by but your child being picky about eating fruits no longer has to be a concern.  Our colourful, tasty juices are a hit with kids. With over ½ a kilo of fresh fruit and veggies in every bottle, our juices are full of goodness and colour.


What to look out for:

Try to avoid juices in the market that are concentrated, diluted or topped up with added sugar or preservatives. As part of a healthy diet we recommend consuming juices with 100% fruit juice to avoid weight gain from added nasties whilst maximizing the benefits.


The benefits of juices for kids:

  1. A great source of essential nutrients
  2. Provides hydration
  3. An easier way to encourage children to eat whole fruit and vegetables
  4. Full of antioxidant properties which can have long-term health benefits
  5. Provide an alternative snack to soda or other beverages high in sugar
  6. A great source of Vitamin C


Local and fresh:

With a wide-range of juices and healthy lemonades, our cold pressed drinks are a hit with kids. Vibrant in colour and delicious in flavour, all our products are 100% natural, vegan and made fresh daily locally in the UAE. Learn more.


Maximise the health benefits:

Try topping up your child’s diet with some refreshing juices to fulfill a well-balanced diet without the hassle.  When selecting your juices, be aware of the nutritional information and facts to ensure your child reaps the health benefits.

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