Our Founders

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Founded in 2013 by Wiebke and John Katsoudas, Essentially was created through their own passion and commitment to wellness after both undergoing extensive health transformations through regular juicing. Daily Juicing in combination with periodic juice cleansing made an enormous impact on their own health, energy levels and healing processes.  It was these transformations which inspired Essentially's birth, a platform to bring nutrition, health and happiness to the UAE, pressed to perfection and offered in a beautiful, nourishing bottle of juice. 

Wiebke's and John's philosophy is that quality nutrition should be easily accessible so that individuals can create positive, long-lasting changes to their diet and overall health. After spending almost 15 years in marketing, strategic brand communication & event production for other brands they both felt the urge to create a business that is truly sustainable, conscious and most of all, has a purpose for our community. 

With Essentially, they co-created a no fuss approach to health and vitality that will give your body the nutrients you need to live your best life.

Outside of the UAE, Essentially also has a sister company (Essentially NS) in Norway, run by fellow-juice lover Sandra Drgala, carrying the same assortment of products under the same brand.