This is our most popular cleanse.

We recommend this cleanse for people who have very little or no experience with cleansing and detox. It is not only super gentle on the system but also very tasty and hence the easiest plan to start with.

Our Revitalisation Cleanse will leave you addicted to feeling amazing!

5 reviews for Revitalisation

  1. Anne Smith

    Hands down to the quality of juices. This cleanse is Made for Perfection.

  2. Julia Sullivan

    I had a chat with their nutritionist who recommended this cleanse program for my symptoms mentioned. I feel amazing and loved the variety! Incredible service, thank you!

  3. Sarah Malan

    I’ve done a fair share of detoxes and rate this program above them all. Delicious flavours, nothing tastes watered down and I felt totally revitalised after 3 days. Highly, highly recommended

  4. Florian Klar

    Currently doing a 3 day juice cleanse from Essentially. Everything was delivered on time and the order process was very easy. Juices are high quality. Good job guys!

  5. Tarek Bogdan

    Lost over 3 kg in 2 weeks with this cleanse. Feel amazing!

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Each day you get 473ml bottles of:

1 x Essential Green, 1 x Root Reboot, 1 x Easy Green, 1 x Black Lemonaid, 1 x Beet Aid, 1 x Vanilla Cashew

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