Don’t take it from us, listen to our clients! We have had the privilege to deliver our products to a few thousand customers already and we’re thrilled to collect their inspiring stories and receive their praise. You’ll find (just a few) of our favorites below. 

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Aimee Changco, Creative Native and Co-Founder of Baembu, Dubai

"Thank you very much for introducing me to this plant based program, I realised I have a much higher sense of overall well-being after. I was having hesitations at first on trying it but I never felt healthier, nor food-deprived or starved. I also noticed it’s very good for proper bowel movement, less constipation. Best, it’s delicious! You fill your plate with the good stuff, no more feeling sluggish and all-the-time tired!"

Aliya Sagheer, Dubai

"WELL I DID IT!! I am pleasantly surprised at myself to complete the 3 day cleanse. It was a lot easier than I had expected, did not miss not eating solids at all. I did not feel hungry because I was drinking so much fluids and then it was time to have the next juice. Your guides were very helpful as well and pre-cleanse and post cleanse guidelines really helped a lot. Thank you for making my journey so smooth!"

Angela Maglieri, Dubai

"My 5-day cleanse with Essentially UAE was just what I needed after a few weeks of over indulgence. I feel brighter, lighter and have much more clarity. I am sleeping better as a result of being kind to myself and back on track with my healthy way of life. And it's easy! Juice is delivered to your door and bottles are numbered so all you need is a bit of willpower both during the 5 days and after! Enjoy."

Anna Morrissey, Dubai

“Hi guys, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for helping me fit into my Bridesmaid's dress for my brother's wedding next week...I was busting out of it and one week later it is very comfortable! I also did not find the cleanse tough at all (and was rushing home for the yummy Cashew Milk!). Great company, highly recommended!”

Beatriz Manzano, Dubai

“This is the second time I choose this Detox and was really looking forward to it. I have had a really intense week at work and I also train a lot, mostly cardio. I felt really healthy and with a lot of energy. At the same time I was able to sleep really well since I did not engage into having heavy dinners and going straight to sleep. I even feel I breath better. I really loved it. I have already recommended you guys. The entire office knows about you! Keep it up. You provide a fantastic service. The products are top quality. The attention to detail and to customer satisfaction you provide is second to none.”

Ben Harris, Dubai

"Having worked in the UAE for over five years in stressfull environments, my body became fatigued and I had very little energy with coinciding poor sleep patterns. I had been eating sensibly and exercising bi-weekly but this never really provided me with much real change in the way my body felt and looked. By happenstance I came across a number of documentaries that examined the benefits on health body and mind by only juicing, and there were remarkable results for the people that the documentaries followed. I did further research and found a number of companies that provided Juice programmes in the UAE. Essentially's web site was very informative and by chance their office was opposite where I live, so i paid them a visit and we discussed in some detail what service they provided and what Juicing can do for me. I started with a 10 day cleanse and noticed some immediate results, so I continued for a further 5 days. I had no real issues with the Juicing and came off it a week ago, I am now craving Juices and not Coffee! I am about to embark on a 1 month stint leading up to my wedding in August and am looking forward to it, contrary to popular belief, its really easy!!! Thank you Essentially!"

Carmelli Flores, Dubai

"Eating/drinking healthy has never been this easy. I completed my 5-day cleanse with so much energy. I did not weigh myself before and after but I just feel lighter and so much better. Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend Essentially to my family and friends."

Caroline O'Hare, Dubai

"Hi Guys, I thought I would let you know that I am loving your raw vegan food plan. I am very impressed with the quality, complexity and imagination of the menus. But most of all it makes life so simple. No shopping, no deciding what to buy or eat and no food and juice preparation. No throwing out mounds of dripping, rotting, slimy, unused, expensive organic fruit and veg from my fridge. Everything I need for the day, including meals and three juices is delivered to my door at 5.30 every morning by a friendly smiling Philippino who luckily doesn't mind my dogs jumping up all over him...Even if (like me) you don't especially want to convert to eating only raw vegan food, it's worth trying this plan only for three or five days, just to give yourself a break from "cooking", give your digestive system a break from all the usual processed toxic crap and to get some great inspiration for making your own healthy meals. I really recommend it. This is one of the reasons I love living in Dubai. It's such a service-oriented environment and you literally can get anything you want here. Congratulations Essentially, I'm hooked - life made easy :)"

Christian Zeidler, Dubai

"This is the third juice cleanse I've done in Dubai and can easily say that I appreciate your program the most. The cleanse was great and I managed to stick to the program all the way through. Your juices were nicely balanced, especially the Cashew Milk towards the end of the day made the fast very easy. I did not feel hungry at all. I feel great, lost 8kg since last week and will do this again soon."

Christina Y., Dubai

"At the beginning I was really hesitant about the plan and didn't know what to expect... The product team went the extra mile and replaced juices to suit my sensitive stomach. The first day was a little tough especially towards the end, the second day though was so enjoyable! It was like a new me in deed, buzzing with energy and feeling so light! I will definitely come back for more :) Thank you and keep it up!"


Diya & Jules, The Fitness Dorks

"If you want a healthy all-systems reset, then Essentially is your new juicing BFF. Their potions are cold-pressed and organic and they taste seriously good. Oh, and the team is a total delight to deal with. What more can you ask for? Essentially, I’m hooked forever."


“This cleanse filled me up and even by the end of the first day I somehow felt ‘cleaner.’ By the end of the three days I had a lot of energy and my skin was glowing. I could easily see myself doing this regularly!”

Hayat Faysal, Dubai

“My 7 day detox experience was fantastic. The experience was great as I instantly felt the positive effects and after seven days there were even more benefits which I felt. I am now feeling so fresh, light and energized. I have clearer concentration and do not get drowsy in the afternoon. Your service was impeccable, the drivers were so friendly and accommodating to my needs! Thank you for this amazing experience.”

Jieun Wrigley, Dubai

"My kids think your cashew nut milks taste like ice cream! Love that they feel they are being treated!"


Julie Adams, Dubai

"I've just finished my last Vanilla Cashew of a three day cleanse and I have to say - I'm really sad! Here's why... Setting up a new business as well as having a full time responsible job as Marketing Director was certainly taking it's toll on me... There were far too many long days and late nights in the office that were rounded off with a collapse onto the sofa and a home delivery! Weekends were spent brunching and over-indulging. I felt awful, waking up exhausted and I had even begun breaking out into teenager-esque spots! So, I decided enough was enough; being in the healthcare industry I was absolutely not a good role model, even though I endorse 'optimum nutrition for optimum health'. The first day of the cleanse was very simple as I always missed breakfast and often lunch being too busy to eat... The juices were delicious and I found myself looking forward to each one - especially the Vanilla Cashew at the end of the day! The second day for me was the hardest as I woke up with a headache and felt a little 'spaced out' which lasted the whole day. I really couldn't get into bed early enough on day two! Day three, I woke up feeling bright and headache-free. I could absolutely feel the difference; dare I say I felt energetic and more focused? The day flew by and before I knew it, I was supping on my last Vanilla Cashew (very slowly) and the cleanse was sadly at an end. As I really felt the benefits on day three, I'm curious to know what day four and five or more would bring. My body and my mind would certainly appreciate it. One other thing to mention is that I never felt alone during the cleanse due to the daily supportive emails from Essentially. To finish with a post-cleanse information sheet with mouthwatering recipes, was a golden touch. I'm absolutely going to include the Essentially juices into my diet; they really are 473ml of organic dynamite that blitz all the bad toxins, helping to bring the sunshine back in to your life - and I can't wait to do it again! Thank you."

Karen Iley, GOOD TASTE

“Friends comment on how well I look and the brightness of my eyes and skin, and, even better, I’m thinking twice before I put any old rubbish into my system, so hopefully the positives will continue!”


Katrina Valente, Intl. Holistic Beauty Expert, Dubai , www.katrinavalente.com

“I have just finished the 5-Day Revitalization Cleanse and I feel fab! It’s so good to give your body a break and nourish it with cold pressed juices! As an anti-aging expert I am a great advocate of detoxing. I juice myself every morning and it really is a pain so when I heard Essentially were offering organic juices ready made I was more than happy! I am delighted to see this concept come to fruition here in Dubai. Well done! Three thumbs up from me!”

Kirsty, Dubai

“Essentially was my first time trying a juice cleanse program. I was looking for a boost of energy and freshness since I work long hours and I am too busy to try to learn and coordinate my detox at home. Essentially made it so easy by delivering the fresh juice to my doorstep. I didn’t miss food as much as I thought as the Essentially juices really do fill up. The juices are yummy especially the pineapple (P.A.M.) and the spicy lemonade. By day 3 I was feeling really bright, light and cleansed. I would definitely do a longer program again or even one day a month just to re-fresh.”

Dr. Lynn Smith, Abu Dhabi

“I have serious health problems that have recently come to light and your juices help me to stay well and feel energetic despite the radiation treatments. The juices taste wonderful and the professional and swift support is so very much appreciated. I am so glad that I found you!”

Mariam, Abu Dhabi

“The great thing is that I got pregnant after 21 days of juice fast and 4 years of unexplained infertility. Keep up your great work.”

Martin Metcalf, Dubai

"I cleanse monthly with ESSENTIALLY. With a hectic and busy lifestyle, I often neglect my diet but utilise the monthly ESSENTIALLY delivery to flush toxins, reset my internal organs and help shed those extra few ‘junk’ kilos. I’m so happy to have discovered ESSENTIALLY, the juices are delicious, filling and the positive detox effects are apparent after only day two. Energy levels rise, concentration improves and I feel rejuvenated. The whole ESSENTIALLY experience is extremely satisfying, from the online ordering, the delivery, the product quality and the customer service .. Fantastic."


Mitra K., Dubai

“Getting married in exactly one month, I have found in Essentially the perfect energy and beauty booster. Not only it helped me shed a few kilos, it was also a very refreshing and purifying for my skin, soul and body. I felt immediately lighter, did not have to worry about my meals in a rather stressful work environment and manage to get the skin every bride wishes to get before her wedding. As a food lover, I did not feel hungry and the 3-day detox program did not make me feel tired, on the contrary. Essentially is definitely the purification and kick program I will continue to follow even after the wedding”


Mike Bufton, aka DJ Mr Mr & audiotonic founder, Dubai

“As someone working in the nightlife industry (and with kids) your body is subject to late night's, early morning's and often an unbalanced diet. The Essentially detox program not only makes you feel totally cleansed inside, but mentally clear and sharp. The juices are lovely as well!”

Nadine Haefele-McLaren, Abu Dhabi

"Wow... I'm nearly there... and feel fantastic, I can't wrap my mind around the fact that I have not eating anything for 9 days! Other than day 1, I have had ahhhmazing energy and calmness! PAM initially a fav but now soooo sweet... is a testament to changed taste buds! So a HUGE thank you to the Essentially Team, I am changed for the better!"

Neisha Young, Dubai

"I have been a loyal juicer for some time now and have just completed my fourth cleanse. Originally I started this program to drop some unwanted kilos in time for a beach holiday but am still surprised how that initial cleanse completely changed my lifestyle habits for good. By changing what I consume, I began sleeping better, being more lively during the day, mental clarity improved and I felt better about myself. I have continued to be more aware of the ingredients I eat, where they come from and incorporating this with regular exercise. The team at Essentially were with me every step of the way, which I found invaluable as I am a type 1 diabetic. They were able to alter the ingredients slightly for me and were more than willing to answer my endless questions. Big thank you to Chloe and Josephine for helping me love life for longer!"

Nina Selene, Dubai

"I really cannot thank you enough. I've had so many compliments on how glowing I look!" 

Philip Hardie, Dubai

"Having always had issues with my weight, I was recommended to try Essentially by a friend. I was skeptical about an all juice diet but was encouraged by their positivity and advice before I started the program. From the 1st day I started to see a difference. I felt happier, with more energy and motivated. I started to head to the gym more and the weight began to drop off me. I struggled on a few occasions with hunger in the evenings, but focused on the end goal. At the end of the 7 day program, I had lost 4.5 kgs and had changed my outlook and lifestyle. I would encourage everyone to give this a go as the benefits are apparent for everyone to see… especially by yourself, which is the most important thing."

Rita Ghantous, SHAPE

“After the second day I really started to feel the effect of the supplements. And by the third day I felt confident enough to wear one of my dresses again, as my bloated stomach had gone down immensely.”


Selina Neri, CEO Dadu Luxe, Dubai

"I have passed my 1 cleanse day test and just finished my last bottle. I did this while working all day. I feel a bit tired now but the juicing all day was no problem at all. I wanted to express my gratitude for creating such an amazing offer in this market. I work hard to stay fit/young/balanced/clean etc. I am vegetarian (since 21 years), practice Yoga, jogging etc. I regularly fast but never had an "essentially" experience. The service is great, the little bottles amazing, I loved all juices (even the green one)...although the final milk is amazing and very cocooning. I travel a lot so I hope the day will come when I will be able to have my essentially bottles in Paris, London, Milan etc ;)))"


Photo by: Shades Of Joy

Shades of Joy (Megan Joy)

"My Essentially Cleanse has been so eye-opening, the changes I see in myself and the mental changes too have taught me so much. I'm so much less bloated, and I can feel the full body bloat has gone. I have also lost weight, a couple of kilos actually, and my skin has even cleared up a little. I am certainly not hungry, the juices kept my nutrients to a high and I've woken up this morning and still feel full."


"Three days was all it took for us to tweak our eating habits, and since then we’ve never looked back."



Photo by: www.nektar.ae

Stephanie Hamilton, Creative Visionary, Dubai

"I have just completed the 5 day transformation cleanse and am feeling much lighter and brighter!  Throughout the cleanse I could feel the effects of toxins leaving my body.  Many people have commented only within a space of a few days that my eyes look really bright (which I can see they do!) and that I look "really well".  I really enjoyed this cleanse and would happily do another one in the future.  I never once felt really hungry, it was only out of habit that I kept wandering to the kitchen every few hours and every time I went to the fridge I remembered I had another juice to drink.  The cashew milk at the end of the day is absolutely glorious and left me feeling fully satisfied going to bed and upon waking. Thank you Essentially! You have put together a program that not only works, but is enjoyable too!!"


Photo by: Styledrifter

Teresa Karpinska, Styledrifter, Dubai

"14 days of juice cleanse completed -  feeling so SO good! I'm free of all naughty cravings so I will continue eating as clean as I possibly can; ideally plant based; dairy and gluten free. The best part is that I'm 5 kg down (!); my skin has cleared up and my energy levels are even throughout the day."

Tarja Arvela-Yilmaz, Dubai

"I am now on my day 3 of my three day juice cleanse. No hunger at all. Delicious juices!"




Tori Leckie, Trail Runner, www.fitchicksandfastwomen.com

“I've done a couple of Essentially Revitalisation Cleanses and can't recommend them enough for athletes and all manner of sports people. The stresses and strains we put on our bodies along with the production of free radicals and the consumption of processed fuels, often result in muscle and cell damage, digestive problems and an overall lack of vitality. An Essentially cleanse combats this, helping to heal and repair our bodies. I find my energy levels surge and notice a big difference in my ability to recover post training. I now consider Essentially as playing a key role in my overall training regime full stop.”

Valérie, Dubai

"Essentially addicted...The month of May 2015 was again a month full of medical examinations, injections and all the 'hospital goodies & therapy treats' to those I wish I could say 'no, thank you!, I will pass on this one!' My kidneys, my liver were begging for mercy and my digestive tract was pleading non-guilty....my entire body was crying for help, the 3 day revitalization cleanse helped me to stand strong on my feets again, boost my immunity and increase my energy levels....and I receive lots of compliments for my glowing skin and my healthy appearance. It started for me as an experiment and I have now become Essentially addicted...I am about to start my fourth (!) revitalization cleanse...and I will be continuing for the coming weeks. Thank you to the Essentially Team for the great job and efforts you have put in making our life better, brighter and healthier."


Ziad Masri, Dubai

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for founding this company. It's amazing that every ingredient you use is organic. That's the way the whole world will be one day, but for now it's great to have pioneers like you making the shift towards that. And the food is delicious! I would have never thought I could go raw vegan, but it's easy to do it with your world-class menu. I look forward to eating every meal. And I have much more energy which allows me to write and help people through my writing. I just finished writing a book called Reality Unveiled: The Hidden Keys of Existence that Will Transform Your Life (and the world). And now I'm building a blog around it. It's about the true nature of existence and how to use that understanding to live a truly inspired life based on kindness and love. So thanks again for indirectly helping me do that, by giving me a way to eat such a healthy diet and still enjoy it :)"