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Blue Spirulina Explained

Blue is the new Green – introducing the magical ingredient in our Blue Lemonaid

One of the fundamental nutrition principals is to “eat the rainbow”. The natural colour pigments found in fruits and vegetables are powerful phytonutrients that serve a variety of functions within the body and each colour pigment serves a different purpose. 

Blue is the rarest natural colour pigment found in food. Even blueberries are actually purple, containing a purple pigment that plays a significant role in brain health. Spirulina, a blue-green algae, has become a major superfood, especially in the vegan world due to its high B12 and plant protein content. Blue spirulina is the concentrated extract of a powerful pigment called phycocyanin – the blue compound found in blue-green algae. 

In its extracted form, this blue pigment works very powerfully on DNA renewal and immune health by reinforcing the cell membrane, which prevents ageing and increases cell protection from external attacks such as viruses. Phycocyanin in concentrated form is over 6000 times more active than spirulina itself. 

So, we have decided to add some blue to the rainbow of phytonutrients that our range has to offer.  We’ve paired this DNA bolstering power-food nutrient with lemon, lime and lemongrass, which collectively enhance the rate at which this pigment can enter your cells, start the repair process and activate cellular energy. 


  • Natural energy booster. Recommended for tiredness, iron deficiency support and recovery after intense physical activity. 
  • Skin renewal. Enhances enzyme activity of the cell nucleous, preventing DNA damage and promotes repair. 
  • A special kinda antioxidant. Phycocyanin has an antioxidant activity 15 to 20 times greater than vitamin C and vitamin E. The antioxidants within this pigment inhibit the key enzyme that causes pain and inflammation.
  • Detox support. Blue algae binds and expels toxins, thus preventing them from depositing into the tissues and disrupting cellular functioning. 
  • Kidney health. Phycocyanin can prevent or reduce kindney stones. 

This is the perfect super drink to keep your cells strong and your energy levels high! And with only 45 calories per bottle this refreshing elixir is worth enjoying every single day.