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Cultivating a perfectly healthy lifestyle is difficult at even the best of times in today’s world. Life is a series of constant changes and learning to ebb and flow along with this change is the key to finding balance. If you are feeling disconnected from this notion or unable to find your groove with healthy lifestyle practices, a cleanse is a great tool to help kick start new habits and reset giving a boost to your immune system.

Cleansing is one of the best ways to regain clarity of mind and body. When we flood our bodies with nutrients, we come alive! In this way, cleansing gives us the opportunity to revive our energy as well as pause and gain insight into ourselves. During a cleanse, your systems of digestion and elimination (colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin) are given a chance to take a break and focus on self-healing. In practice, I have seen profound improvements of many ailments in patients through cleansing, especially for any inflammatory, digestive or malabsorptive conditions. Please check in with your body whilst you are on a cleanse.

The Lowdown On Cleansing

At Essentially, we don’t believe that juicing and cleansing should be limited to yogi’s and health gurus. We all hustle in our own way and we could all do with the super boost of nutrients that Essentially’s juices have to offer. Our cleanses bring you 6 bottles of goodness per day for the duration of your cleanse. Cleansing is a great means to increase energy, kick start weight loss, reduce inflammation, relieve bloating, improve sleep, enhance clarity of mind and combat food cravings. We want you feeling good!  

A few things to note before you cleanse:

  1. Cleansing is not a quick-fix:
    There is no such thing in the nutrition world unfortunately. Improving day-to-day lifestyle habits are the tell-tale way to seeing lasting results. Please view your cleanse as a way to initiate positive changes for long-term benefits. Use this time to conquer cravings, identifying possible food sensitivities and establishing new habits.
  2. Cleansing is not for everyone:
    We do not recommend cleansing if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under 16 years of age. If you have a severe medical condition, are on prescription medication, or have any doubts about cleansing being suitable for you, we strongly advise that you check with your doctor.
  3. Cleansing is not the only way to benefit from juice:
    Any time you drink our juice – jam-packed with raw nutrients, flavour and functionality, you are giving yourself permission to feel good. You should be feeling this way every day! Replacing your mid-morning coffee or mid-afternoon snack with a juice is a super sustainable way to integrate juicing into your daily life.

Frequently asked questions about cleansing:

Which program should I choose first time?
We recommend the Revitalisation Cleanse program to all newbies. It contains a greater variety of veg flavours, making it more palatable and richer with an array of nutrients for the cells to assimilate. Each program becomes more intensely green, alkalizing and detoxifying, which appeals to the more regular cleansers.

What is the difference between the three cleanse programs in terms of benefits in our body?
Each cleanse becomes more intensely green. The greener the cleanse, the more intensely detoxifying. The Revitalisation cleanse contains a greater variety of nutrients due to the different vegetable colours used, so it is the most nourishing cleanse, which is great for resetting cravings and for glowing skin. The Transformation cleanse is ideal for customers looking for a very low-sugar juice detox.

What is the total calories per day of each cleanse?

The cleanse programs average to just under 1000 calories per day.

Can my teenagers do a cleanse with me?

We don’t usually recommend our cleanses to under 18s as it is not necessary for teens to do a cleanse. Their systems are clean & easily get rid of toxins as needed. We alternatively highly recommend adding loads of juices to their diet, paired with clean eats for a few days as this is incredible brain fuel, weight loss and amazing for clearing up skin.

Is no food allowed at all?
You can eat fresh fruit & veg or a handful of nuts if you are very hungry. Cleansing is not a test of of willpower! The idea is to give your body a break from digesting food so that the body can focus on resetting itself to feel better. We also highly recommend you stay hydrated and drink lots of filtered water.

   On a 3 day cleanse why are the juices delivered in one go?

This is for convenience to the customer and to help them save on delivery fees. We do have an option to collect your cleanse for free from Essentially HQ. If this is preferred please select this option at the checkout.

Revitalisation is for people who have very little or no experience with cleansing and detox. It is not only super gentle on the system but also very tasty and hence the easiest plan to start with.

Extension is for more experienced cleansers who already pay close attention to what they eat and are less likely to consume processed foods and refined sugary products.

Our most intense level yet! Heavier on the greens for outstanding results, this Transformation cleanse takes you even deeper for the most efficient reboot ever!