Drinking too much coffee? Healthy swaps for caffeine addicts:

Addicted to that morning shot of espresso when you wake up or regular coffees throughout the day?  It may be time to switch up your routine.


Coffee: the benefits

There are a handful of benefits to drinking coffee however these are very limited. Coffee is high in antioxidants and linked to a reduced risk of health issues including liver and heart disease. It is also widely known that it can help boost metabolism.


Coffee: the disadvantages

The stimulant caffeine can cause serious problems for some people.  It can be the cause of gut issues, increased stress levels and can also interfere with deep REM sleep putting more stress on the body.


Here’s some simple swaps you can make to switch up your caffeine habits and still get your much needed pick-me-up.


  1. Wellness shots:

Our wellness shots are caffeine-free but still pack a serious punch. These small bottles of health can replace your morning hit of coffee and leave you without the caffeine crash later in the day. Available in a range of flavours; Hit Me, Wake Me and Nourish Me.


  1. A green juice:

Green juices are packed full of B vitamins which can support energy production, brain function and alertness, providing a much healthier replacement to coffee. The other benefits from drinking a green juice a day are endless. With up to 1 kilo of liquid vegetables per bottle, it’s the ultimate nutrition boost and detox.  Packed full of vital vitamins and minerals that will also lower cholesterol.


  1. Cleanse

The healthiest approach to avoiding coffee would be a juice cleanse. This kind of detox provides sustained and improved energy levels, removing the need for that constant coffee or caffeine hit.  After just 48 hours on a cold pressed juice cleanse, you’ll feel refreshed, nourished and energised.

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