Reasons to choose Vegan Protein Powder

A boost in your daily protein intake is a great way to support overall health, metabolism and vitality. However, people often neglect how much protein their body needs to perform at its best.


Protein powder can be a great way to supplement your diet with the additional protein your body requires to work optimally.


In addition to being a convenient, time-sensitive way to fit more protein into your diet, there are also many health benefits protein powder can have.


3 Benefits of Protein Powder:

  1.  Increasing your protein intake with a supplement can help you feel fuller for longer, helping you avoid unwanted cravings and snacking on something less nutritious.
  2. An increased amount of protein (vs other food groups) in your diet can help you lower your body fat % and increase your lean muscle mass.
  3. As you get older, your muscle mass naturally declines which can lead to fat gain. This can be slowly prevented or reversed by a combination of training and supplementing your diet with more protein.


Even if you’re not vegan, a plant-based powder could be for you.


3 Benefits of Vegan Protein:

  1. It’s dairy-free. There’s a growing trend of dairy-free eating due to the benefits the body experiences. Whether you’re dairy-free for health reasons or simply want to reduce the amount in your diet, plant-based protein could be for you.
  2. You’re likely to feel less bloated. People often experience some bloating or discomfort when consuming other protein powders. It’s common to think that protein is the issue but this is often not the case. Vegan protein powder allows you to increase your protein intake without increasing your digestive symptoms.
  3. It’s a much better replacement in recipes vs whey or collagen proteins. If you’ve ever tried to swap out ingredients such as flour for various protein powders, you’ll know it doesn’t come close. However, vegan protein powder creates a thicker consistency and tastes much better when added to recipes such as pancakes, shakes etc.


Choosing your Protein Powder

Whether you’re a vegan or not, using vegan protein powder can offer many benefits to your diet and nutrition plan.


As the shelves are now packed with numerous supplement options it can be overwhelming where to start. So when choosing your supplements, make sure you’re prioritising quality and what’s actually in the container.

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