Learn The 80/20 Rule With Diet & Exercise

You have probably heard the phrase ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ but just how important is diet vs exercise?

What is the 80/20 rule?

Do you ever feel like you’ve earned that extra slice of pizza or cake after you’ve been to the gym? However, you could be undoing all your hard work. In order to see results at the gym, lose weight or make changes to your overall health, there needs to be an 80/20 balance. This means 80% of your results should come from the food you eat and 20% from your workouts. However, ultimately this will depend on your goals.


What is your health or fitness goal?


  • Fat loss

Many people assume that just because they’re exercising, they can eat whatever they want. This simply isn’t true if your goal is fat loss or to lose weight. While exercise is still very important, nutrition plays a bigger role when trying to lose weight, inches or fat. As the saying goes, you can’t outrun a bad diet. This doesn’t mean you should stop exercising though, it just means when trying to shift some extra weight or pounds, don’t focus solely on your workouts or your exercise plan, you need to also take seriously what you’re putting in your body.


So, if this is your goal, eating fast food, sweets or treats because you’ve ‘earnt it’ will stop you from seeing the results you want to achieve. Hence, the implemented 80/20 rule when it comes to diet/exercise for this goal.


If weight loss is your goal, a cleanse can be a great way to shift pounds or extra weight quickly and healthily. Due to the calorie deficit, your body will be able to shift extra weight more easily than simply trying to work out numerous times a week.


  • Long term health

For long term health and sustainable healthy lifestyle choices, both diet and exercise are important however not to the extreme 80/20 rule that is required for fat loss. We recommend a 50/50 balance of exercise and diet. The food we eat of course has an impact on our overall health whilst the health benefits from exercise are endless. Exercising boosts mental health, bone strength and reduces the risk of chronic diseases and much more. Neither should be compromised for the other if you’re after health longevity.


We created our range of cold pressed juices, cleanses and protein vegan snacks to provide you with quality nutrition that is easily accessible and added into your everyday routine and diet to help you create long-lasting changes to your diet and overall health.

Is food & nutrition more important?

What’s most important is that you’re moving your body AND eating nutrient dense food on a regular basis. This approach to your health will be a lot more attainable and sustainable. Depending on your goals will determine whether you need to be focusing more on one than the other to obtain the results you want.


The bottom line:

What you eat matters more than how you work it off. However, physical activity has tremendous health benefits important for overall health.


If you’re looking to make real changes to your body, weight or lifestyle then you need to focus as much on the input (diet) as you do on the output (exercise).

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