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How a cleanse works

No doubt. Juicing is the most efficent way to make your life a whole lot healthier by giving you the highest concentration of nutrients from fruits and vegetables in a form that is easiest for your body to take in and use. Juice Cleansing is about taking the clean eating approach a step further, giving your digestive system a break and helping reduce your dependence on unhealthy, processed foods.

At Essentially, we have created comprehensive cleansing programs that are practical, user-friendly and that cater to all nutritional lifestyles, from the most disciplined raw food enthusiasts to the fast food lovers looking to periodically offset the damages of indulgence. Our juicing system infuses and energizes the body with essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes thus avoiding the debilitating fatigue and depletion associated with extreme fasting. A daily supply of six, 16-ounce (473ml) beverages are delivered at a convenient time before your cleanse starts. Each nutrient-dense juice is made fresh with our hydraulic press system and bottled immediately.

Once you receive your cleanse package, you will find each bottle clearly labelled in an order from one to six. You drink the first juice (#1) in the morning and the last one (#6) at least two hours before you go to bed. Usually our customers feel best when they consume their beverages approximately two hours apart. Each beverage is designed to replace solid foods and snacks, and it is important to strictly stay away from alcohol, energy drinks, caffeine, and nicotine while you are on a cleanse program.
Read your guide to successful cleansing below:


In a nutshell: The better you prepare, the better you repair!
Preparing your body will affect how you feel and respond during your cleanse, and we want you to feel your very best and shake off any first detox symptoms very quickly.
A few days leading up to your cleanse, wean yourself off of some of your usual indulgences: Cut down the coffee, sugar, meat and dairy and add fresh fruit and vegetables to your meals.
Pick a time for your cleanse where you know that you will be able to focus on yourself. Don’t try to squeeze a cleanse in your working week if you know you have a hectic schedule ahead of you. Think of your pre-cleanse meal plan as your way of getting your body in tune. You will thank yourself later during the cleanse!

Hydrate your body extra well! Most of us suffer from some degree of dehydration in our everyday lives and do not drink enough water. Aim to do this for three days before your cleanse starts:

  • Start each day with a cup of herbal tea or warm water with a pinch of freshly squeezed lemon.
  • Drink a minimum of two liters of filtered water per day.
  • Reduce caffeinated and diuretic drinks such as coffee, tea, alcohol and soda.

Add some fatty acids to your diet. An easy way is to stock up on flax or chia seeds and soak a couple of tablespoons over night in water. Eat at least two tablespoons per day mixed into your food or just on their own. During the 1-3 days prior to your cleanse, stick with a meal plan that contains lots of wholesome foods. Say goodbye to:

  • meat and poultry
  • refined starches like bread, white rice and pasta
  • all dairy and egg products
  • sugar
  • alcohol and nicotine
  • sushi

Ideally, three days before your cleanse it is ok to have some steamed or grilled fish but stay away of all meat products. Two days before your cleanse, you should be sticking to salads (with a simple oil & lemon dressing), steamed vegetables and starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots. On the day before cleansing eat some stomach friendly soups and steamed or raw veggies in the form of salads. You can use extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, herbs, spices, and lemon juice to add flavor to your meals. If you need extra protein, walnuts, cashews or almonds are ok as long as you chew them really well and ideally soak them for a few hours in water. Your goal is really to eat as clean as you can.

Feel free to use plant-based milk alternatives such as Essentially’s nut milks.


The success of your cleanse is dependent on doing it right. While you are doing a great thing for yourself by drinking beverages in place of meals, it is essential for your system to be in the best shape possible in order to keep everything flowing. Continue to hydrate by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. Hydration creates happy cells and you want to help your body in every way to flush your toxins out and stimulate your bowel movements.

Make sure you get ample rest and go to bed as early as possible. Try to take a short siesta during the afternoon if your schedule permits. In general, keep your schedule as light as you can as you might feel tired on the first and second day of your cleanse.

Mentally and physically, give yourself a break – take a warm bath in the evening, mediate and tone down your usual exercise regimen. Take light walks each day to accelerate your lymphatic and circulatory systems. You should always shower to get rid of any perspiration as soon as you can, so those toxins are completely released from your body.

An important part of your cleanse is moving the toxins that are being released out of your system. Think of your body as your home. You’ve decided to renovate so you need to throw out the old stuff first before you can lay a beautiful new carpet and nice new furniture!

An effective way to throw out old undigested waste matter is to get a colonic. It might sound a little bit scary, but the truth is a colonic is safe and gentle, and highly effective before, during, and post cleanse. The ideal timings for a colonic are usually the first and last day of a cleanse. Your body releases a lot of toxins during an Essentially cleanse and you want to provide the most effective escapes for them.

Don’t panic, if you aren’t ready for a colonic just yet. Use a herbal, natural laxative such as the traditional Ayurvedic concoction Triphala that’s been used for thousands of years. You may wish to take a high potency probiotic food supplement or add some flaxseed oil to the juices for better elimination. The probiotic also keeps your intestines balanced and helps replenish the good bacteria that your body needs. Additionally, there are other great ways to eliminate toxins that do not have to do with the bowel or digestive system. These include dry skin brushing each morning before you shower, booking yourself into a sauna or hammam, a lymphatic drainage or a massage. Make your masseuse is aware that you’re cleansing and ask her to pay extra attention to the liver. A gentle liver massage will greatly help your liver in its detox process

If you’re feeling desperate, its ok! We are all human and our team will help you through any detox crisis. While we recommend eliminating all solid foods, we realize that sometimes you just can’t resist. Here are some healthy cheat snacking tips that keep you safe:

Add a pinch of sea salt to your beverages for extra energy. If you need something warm or savory to add at dinnertime, consume some low sodium vegetable broth. Eat a few slices of cucumber, apple, celery stalks or a quarter of an avocado. Drink half of your cashew nut milk in the a.m. or snack on a small handful of cashews or almonds. 

Finally, let’s go through the list of potential detox symptoms. These might or might not occur, depending really on your general constitution.

Fatigue/ Headaches/ Constipation/ Diarrhea/ Skin eruptions/ Rashes/ Hives/ Cold sores/ Canker sores/ Dry mouth/ Runny nose/ Nausea/ Insomnia/ Vivid dreaming/ A ton of energy/ Overwhelming sense of calm and productivity.


You made it! Well done! You have come a long way in a pretty short time. Bigger news – you have started to change your life even if you have only just started drinking green juices. So, now that you’ve done all this amazing work on revamping your system, we want to make sure you’re armed with a maintenance kit that will help keep you on track and maximize the effects of your cleanse. The great health adventure has only just begun!

We’re sure you can feel the difference in your energy, skin, and digestive system alone, and the more you are able to keep your system together, the better off you will be. Life gets lighter and you shine brighter.

Important: Its best to break your cleanse VERY gently. Here is our suggestion for some options of foods to eat for the first 3 days post-cleanse:

Breakfast: A ripe apple, warm water with lemon or herbal tea.

Lunch: Gluten free vegetable broth with some small vegetable pieces such as celery, broccoli, carrot, bok choi. 

Dinner: Same as above with a slice of wholegrain crispbread.

Breakfast: A ripe apple or a fruit salad or a fruit smoothie or vegetable juice.
Lunch: Raw salad or a small bowl of steamed vegetables.
Dinner: Raw salad, steamed vegetables, small portion of brown rice, quinoa or sweet potato. 

Stick to anything listed above, plus the pre-cleanse diet while avoiding the same list of foods such as meat, poultry, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods.

After day 3, you can slowly reintroduce meat and dairy products if you so wish. We recommend steamed fish in place of beef, pork, and chicken, and nut milk products in place of dairy, at least in the beginning.


You can find answers to the most asked questions in our FAQ section. If you have any questions or doubts you can always contact us via our email [email protected]. Our knowledgeable team is here to help in any way we can.

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