The Power Of Beetroot

Why is Beet Juice so popular?

It is common for athletes to consume beets as part of a regular nutritional plan. Increasing consumption in the lead up to a race, competition or workout has many benefits.


Beetroots are an amazing source for nitrates which once in your body, will convert into nitric oxide. This increases the blood flow to muscles and other tissues which improves an athlete’s endurance and performance.


Why Beetroot is an athlete’s favourite

Research shows the increase in nitric oxide in the body not only increases blood flow, but also improves lung function and strengthens muscle contraction. These benefits are why athletes are commonly reaching for beet juice as a supplement for enhanced performance.


Fuelled by more oxygen and nutrients, your blood cells will generate at a faster rate. Studies show athletes workload at anaerobic threshold was significantly increased when consuming juice containing beetroot 5 days prior to a race.


The power of Beetroot

Beets are packed with minerals and antioxidants such as Vitamin A, B & C. As well as supporting performance, they support detoxification of the body and will boost immunity.


Where to find Beet Juice

You can stock up on Beet Aid in a handy 250ml or a 473ml for even more of a health boost. If you’re looking for a quick detox or a regular reset, you can find beets as part of our beginner cleanse program; Revitalisation. You can learn more about cleansing here.

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