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Benefits of a plant-based diet

A whole food plant-based diet is often touted as the healthiest approach to eating, and its benefits extend way beyond weight loss.

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is right, medicine is of no need.”

Nutrition has become an overly complicated science, leaving people feeling totally lost over what is considered healthy. My advice will always remain the same: just eat real food. Vitality depends on the nutrient density of the food that you eat. Plant foods are the most nutrient-dense foods around, containing thousands of phytochemicals, with a majority that we are yet to discover! Following a diet of plant foods as close to their natural state as possible is the easiest way to throw out chronic medications, diet supplements, expensive night creams and stimulants, and start to feel amazing.

So, what is a Whole-Food, Plant-Based diet?

The WFPB diet is not exactly a diet — it’s more of a lifestyle, which is the key to long term consistency and vitality!

The basic principles of this lifestyle are:

  • Emphasis on whole, minimally processed foods.
  • Limiting or avoiding animal products.
  • Focus on plant foods, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts, which should make up the majority (around 80%) of what you eat.
  • Excluding refined foods, such as added sugars, white flour and processed oils.
  • Paying special attention to food quality, opting for locally sourced organic food whenever possible.

It promotes weight loss through the effects of proper nourishment and detoxification, and helps to reverse the likes of ANY chronic health condition, including heart disease, cancer, cognitive decline and diabetes.

Adopting a plant based diet is good for the planet too! Choose food that feeds, and heals. We’ve got you covered.

Whole Food Plant-based diet shopping list:

FRUITS – Berries, citrus, apples, pineapple, peaches etc.
VEGGIES – Kale, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, peppers.
STARCHY VEG – Potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash etc.
WHOLE GRAINS – Brown rice, rolled oats, quinoa, wholegrain pasta, buckwheat.
HEALTHY FATS – Avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil
LEGUMES – Peas, chickpeas, lentils, peanuts, black beans
SEEDS, NUTS & NUT BUTTERS – Almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, natural peanut butter, tahini
PLANT-BASED PROTEIN – Tofu, tempeh, pea protein, rice protein
PLANT-BASED MILKS – Coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk etc.